2019 - ongoing 
Exhibited as part of Badespasstotal Summer Symposium - Hurky u Nove Bystrice, Czech Republic Aug, 2020​​​​​​​
This ongoing series questions the photograph as the beholder of memory, the digitally manipulated photo acts as the optical unconscious discussed by Walter Benjamin simultaneously creating and destroying one’s mnemonic experience. 
The first collection is informed by my travels throughout Australia, a place I called home for five years. Being connected to a place, and eventually making the decision to return‘home’ is always a challenging experience. 
My photographic archive became the place in which those five years are constantly re-enacted, changing shape and meaning with each view in a way that is uniquely unrealistic, even to the one who has experienced them.

Life on a Tree - 2019
Walking home - 2019
I did not know I existed - 2019
This is an ongoing project constantly being fed by new places, new memories, and new investigations. 

Captured at Home - 2020
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